VersaSpaYour VersaSpa® is an HVLP Automatic Skin Treatment System that uses stateof-the-art misting technology and exclusive treatment formulas to provide an instant, even, natural-looking tan and many other skin treatments In under 2 minutes, the VersaSpa® process is fast and effortless. With the push of a button, the VersaSpa®’s 2 HVLP spray heads move up and down to emit a fine mist of VersaSpa® formulas over the entire body. The bronzing solution blends DHA, bronzers, nourishing moisturizers, and aloe, giving the skin a smooth and healthy bronzed glow. The VersaSpa® holds up to 3 different solutions of which many are currently available including Bronze Tanning solution, Clear Tanning solution, Anti-Aging Moisturizer, Sunless Prep Spray, and more to come.

Your VersaSpa® Features:

  • HVLP air delivery (High Volume, Low Pressure)
  • Three concealed health and beauty solution reservoirs
  • Fully automated with an open interior design
  • LCD Digital Control Panel – for easy operation and setup
  • No air compressor, integrated HVLP fan is space efficient
  • Lifetime air filter
  • Mist-free application environment provides a comfortable experience
  • Blow Dry session after each treatment
  • Flawless application
  • Mix and match treatment options
  • Mist full body, face, or legs only
  • Fast – Provides an instant, golden-brown tan in under 2 minutes
  • Self-Cleaning/Low Maintenance – The VersaSpa® features a one-touch or automatic wash-down cycle that is fast, clean, and effortless
  • Compact/Small Footprint (4.5′ x 5.8′ x 7.5′) – Allows VersaSpa® to easily fit into any standard height room. There is no door on the VersaSpa® and it is self-contained.