home-facialsWhat Is It?

Red light therapy is a healing strategy that makes use of red tinted light in order to stimulate the body’s natural defense systems and bring relief from various ailments.

Tell Me More.

Red light therapy uses heat and concentrated light to stimulate circulation, boost collagen production and enhance skin’s natural ability to heal.  It is non-invasive treatment and does not contain ultraviolet rays.  Waves from the infrared spectrum penetrate skin tissue to a depth of up to 10 millimeters.  This extra energy helps skin cells increase production of new collagen and enhance turnover of collagen and elastin fibers – key components for skin renewal.  Red light acne therapy helps teens with skin problems, by helping to clear out clogged pores.  Facial red light therapy helps with nervous tics.  In the same way natural sunlight helps with mild depression, red light sessions can improve moods and diminish depression in the winter months.  Please come by and visit us in Bartlett, TN to enjoy this great technology.

Did You Know?

This amazing technology offers multiple benefits including:

  • Repairing – improves skin clarity, tone and texture and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while reversing the effects of sun damage and chronological aging.
  • Firming – provides immediate lifting and tightening of the skin to enhance firmness and elasticity.
  • Clearing – improves the appearance of problematic oily skin and uneven complexion.