Hydration StationWhat Is It?

Our full body hydration station prepares your skin for a deeper, longer-lasting tan, and prolong your tanning results while protecting and rejuvenate your skin

Tell Me More.

The Hydration Station offers three (3) pre-set programs and the ability to completely customize any session for optimal results for any tanner.  Including skin rejuvenation, full-body hydration and liquid vitamin shower for the skin.

Did You Know?

We offer three programs offering a variety of benefits.

Program One – Prepare


  • Prepare skin for UV accelerator penetration
  • Improve the tone and texture of your skin
  • Delivers natural “tingle factor”phenomenon without the hot sensation
  • Keep your skin feeling hydrated and “baby soft”
  • Ideal for UV tanners looking to achieve darker results.

Program Two – Prolong


  • Promotes an even skin tone and radiant glow
  • Enhance DHA, vitamin and nutrient penetration
  • Extend the life of your sunless tan with improved hydration
  • Achieve a more even, streak-free DHA application
  • Accelerate your sunless primer or pre-DHA product
  • Combat DHA odor and tackiness on the skin

Program Three – Protect


  • Deeply hydrate frequently tanned skin
  • Minimize the negative effects of tanning
  • Improve texture and tonality of your skin
  • Experience a vitamin infusion for your skin
  • Extend the life of your tan